Treatment For Diabetes

Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, the most important thing you can do is follow the proper treatment plan to manage and control your blood sugar levels.  While your doctor will prescribe a treatment regiment, it is often helpful to know and understand which treatments are available and why certain treatments are used.  Below is a list of treatment aspects for both Type 1 and Type 1I diabetes.

Type 1

  • Type 1 diabetes is treated and controlled with insulin.  Following the insulin regiment your doctor prescribes is extremely important.  Type 1 diabetics who fail to properly administer insulin are at risk of extremely high blood sugar levels and potentially irreparable damage to organ function.
  • Your doctor will recommend a healthy and well-balanced diet as part of your diabetes management program.
  • Monitoring your blood sugar level throughout the day is the most important aspect of your treatment.  Your blood sugar count needs to remain in the normal range; blood sugar to high or too low can have devastating repercussions for diabetics.
  • Part of your treatment plan will be frequent doctor’s visits and blood tests.  It is important to keep your regularly scheduled appointments so that you and your doctor can analyze and improve your current treatment plan.

Type 2

  • Many cases of Type 2 diabetes are treated without the use of insulin, though some do require weekly or monthly injections.
  • A regular exercise program is a vital part of any Type 2 diabetes treatment regimen.  Type 2 diabetes is thought to be directly linked to large amounts of excess weight and working to shed that excess weight can sometimes lead to the reversal of Type 2 diabetes.
  • Medication is often not a part of Type 2 diabetes treatments.  When it is used, medication is often being used to treat something other than the diabetes such as heart problems, hypertension, or other maladies associated with being overweight or in poor physical health.

No matter the type of diabetes you have, a physician approved treatment plan is the best way to ensure your future health.  A number of different treatment options are available to diabetics.  Work with your doctor to develop a plan of action that allows you to live your life as normally as possible, but also allows you to manage your diabetes effectively.  Diabetes does not mean that your life is over, but it does mean that you will have to make significant and serious changes to the way you take care of your body.

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