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If you ask a diabetic what the most challenging component of the disease is, one of the most common answers is be finding diabetic recipes.  Having diabetes might not mean that you have to eliminate the foods that you love, but it does mean that you have to be smarter about the food options you make.  Having a healthy supply of diabetic-friendly recipes on hand can assist you make smart options that will permit you to indulge in a bit of your preferred “guilty pleasure” food with out throwing your system into a tailspin.


There are literally hundreds of cookbooks particularly for diabetics.  You can discover cookbooks for vegetarian diabetic recipes, gourmet diabetic recipes, low-carb diabetic recipes, and a host of other specialties.  There are even entire cookbooks devoted to diabetic-friendly recipes for a number of ethnic foods.  The point is, if you are in require of new recipes there are tons available.

Modifications To Your Favorite Recipes

If your kitchen is already full of cookbooks and you can’t stand the thought of adding an additional one to the huge pile, there are methods to take traditional recipes and make then diabetic friendly.  By following a few easy guidelines, you can take a carbohydrate-filled meal and turn it into some thing that has moderate carbs, and is friendly to both your blood glucose levels and your taste buds.

You can make many recipes diabetic-friendly by substituting a number of ingredients with ones containing fewer carbs or much less sugar.  Some of the most common methods of reducing carbs in a recipe consist of:

  • Replace the pasta – when making a pasta dish, one of the best methods you can lower the number of carbs is to replace some of the pasta with vegetables or lean cuts of meat such as chicken.  Although you most likely will not want to replace all of the pasta, replacing some of it with lower-carb choices is a great way to decrease carb intake.
  • Artificial Sweeteners – whenever possible it is a great concept to replace issues such as sugar, honey, or other high sugar sweeteners with an artificial sweetener created to have much less sugar and fewer carbs.
  • Add a salad – salads are a perfect side dish for almost any meal and they are an ideal food for a diabetic.  Replacing a noodle dish or a baked potato with a side salad at dinner can drastically cut your carbohydrate intake, and permit you to use those useful carbs for your entrée.

No one can ever say that managing diabetes is simple.  It is not, but there are methods of making it easier to handle.  Having a wide choice of diabetic recipes permits you to continue to appreciate a wide-range of fantastic tasting foods although having the knowledge that they will not send your blood sugar through the roof.

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