Diabetic diet

Diet is an important component when it comes to diabetes control program. A diabetic diet brings a balance among the carbohydrates, proteins and fats one eats. When one controls body function through exercise regime and this diet; the pain is bound to diminish. This diet must be a well-balanced plan customized to one’s individual needs, taste, lifestyle and as well as activity level.

The basic goal of this diet is to offer all the nutrients and calories the diabetic requires while keeping blood sugar level as close to normal as feasible. It basically involves limiting one’s carbohydrate intake for controlling the glucose levels. Recommended carbohydrate content and fat content for a diabetic is 60% and 30-35% respectively. When one is following this diet; one needs to eat regularly, take in a consistent quantity of calories every day and eat at the same time every day.

As the diet is low in cholesterol and saturated fat; one must look out for cookbooks which emphasize low-fat cooking. The perfect diabetic diet is even good for cholesterol due to its emphasis on low fat, high fiber and high complex carbohydrate. The most important element of this diet is meal planning. One’s meal plan must be adjusted for taking in account carbs sugar plus fat in the diabetic food. Fruits and as well as fresh vegetable must be included in this diet. They have a low calorie count and are fat free.

I am certain by now you have a hang about diabetic diet. An effective control of diabetes calls for an integrated approach which consists of exercise regime, weight control and this diet. If you or your near one is suffering from diabetes then do follow this balanced healthy diet plan. I am confident it will bring in fruitful results.

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