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Coping with diabetes mellitus can stressful from time to time. This post should provide you several ideas to guide in managing your condition.

You may be thinking “What’s the connection between diabetes and the menopause?”

Well, for ladies reaching that specific age, it can be extremely traumatic – specially when some of the effects experienced can simply be mistaken for those we have to be conscious of when managing our diabetes…

For a diabetic taking medication, keeping blood sugars at the proper level is a balancing act. If sugar levels drop too low, simply because of not eating sufficient or at the appropriate times, you suffer a hypoglycemia episode (occasionally referred to as ‘hypo’ for short). For me, this generally manifests itself as shaking; irritability; sweating and a faint-headed feeling.

If you are diabetic and have ever had low-blood sugar you might recognize some of these symptoms, amongst other people. A fast ‘glucose fix’ generally settles it within 5-10 minutes.

Now, compare that to some of the symptoms of beginning the menopause; hot flushes [I call them ‘power-surges’ ] – comparable to the sweats of a hypo; mood swings – akin to the irritability you may possibly experience throughout a hypo. It’s really simple to confuse the symptoms you are feeling.

When I 1st began the menopause, I often confused waking at 2 a.m. in the morning in a cold sweat as a hypo and took a fast sugar increase to settle myself. That pushed my blood sugar levels up when I didn’t will need it. Not a very good thought!

It was only after visiting my Physician to talk about these frequent, unexpected hypos I discovered I was beginning the menopause (I was in my late 40s, so it was rather unexpected, usually it doesn’t happen until early-to-mid 50s).

If you are a lady, with diabetes controlled by medication, and you are in your early 50s and you begin having frequent, unexplained hypos – check your sugar levels just before ‘treating the condition’. And get your Physician to check your symptoms. You might be confusing symptoms of diabetes and the menopause.

And guys; if your lady typically has wonderful control of her diabetes and suddenly appears to be showing the exact same symptoms when she was obtaining her diabetes into balance (if you knew her then) please be supportive and understanding, she’s going by way of one hell of an experience, but I promise, she will come via and be her regular, loving and charming self once once more.

Hopefully you will have come across some sort of useful strategies from this post. With the right techniques and guidelines to guide you, having diabetes doesn’t have to be a challenging condition.

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