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Coping with any form of diabetes can difficult at times. This post ought to offer you some recommendations to guide in dealing with your illness.

According to a new study, diabetes and Alzheimer’s diseases are much more related than everybody thought. Some researchers believe that Alzheimer’s could be a form of diabetes, simply because findings show that insulin production in the brain declines as Alzheimer’s illness advances.

By means of a series of experiments, a group of researchers discovered that the brain produces insulin and that this substance produced by brains of patients with Alzheimer’s illness tends to fall below typical levels.

For the neuropathologist at Rhode Island Hospital and professor of pathology at Brown University Medical School, Suzanne M. de la Monte, “insulin disappears early and dramatically in Alzheimer’s illness and several of the unexplained features of Alzheimer’s, such as cell death and tangles in the brain, appear to be linked to abnormalities in insulin signaling. This demonstrates that the illness is most likely a neuroendocrine disorder, or yet another kind of diabetes”?.

Throughout the early stages of Alzheimer’s illness, brain levels of insulin and its related cellular receptors fall precipitously, as her group of researchers explained. They believe that Alzheimer’s may be a new form of diabetes since the evidence shows insulin levels continue to drop progressively as the Alzheimer’s illness becomes a lot more severe.

The team led by de la Monte also discovered that low levels of acetylcholine are directly linked to this loss of insulin and insulin-like growth factor function in the brain. Acetylcholine is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s illness.

The researchers team autopsied the brain tissue of 45 patients diagnosed with various degrees of Alzheimer’s known as “Braak Stages”? and compared those tissues to samples taken from people with no history of the illness.

I hope you have learned some beneficial recommendations from this brief article. Using the proper strategies and suggestions to support you, controlling diabetes doesn’t have to be a complicated issue.

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