Could You Have Diabetes-And Not Know it?

Managing being diabetic can stressful on occasion. This post will give you a couple of ideas to assist in controlling your disease.

Take this test to see if you are at risk for having diabetes. Diabetes is far more widespread in African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. If you are a member of one of these ethnic groups, you want to pay unique attention to this test. Write in the points next to every statement that is true for you. If a statement is not true, put a zero. Then add your total score.

1. I am a woman who has had a baby weighing far more than nine pounds at birth.

Yes 1 ______

2. I have a sister or brother with diabetes.

Yes 1 ______

3. I have a parent with diabetes.

Yes 1 ______

4. My weight is equal to or above that listed in the chart.

Yes 5 ______

5. I am under 65 years of age and I get little or no exercise.

Yes 5 ______

6. I am between 45 and 64 years of age.

Yes 5 ______

7. I am 65 years old or older.

Yes 9 ______


Scoring 10 or much more points: You are at high risk for having diabetes. Only your health care provider can check to see if you have diabetes. See yours soon and come across out for certain.

Scoring 3 to 9 points: You are most likely at low risk for having diabetes now. But dont just forget about it. Maintain your risk low by losing weight if you are overweight, being active most days and eating low-fat meals that are high in fruits and vegetables and entire grain foods. Diabetes is a severe illness that can lead to blindness, heart illness, strokes, kidney failure and loss of a limb.

With any luck , you've identified some sort of useful suggestions from this brief article. With the suitable techniques and recommendations to help you, controlling diabetes doesn't have to be a troublesome condition.


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