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Coping with being diabetic can tough sometimes. This article will offer you some strategies to help you in controlling your illness.

Ice cream or yogurt? Normal or diet soda? These might not be critical decisions at your dinner table – unless you’re one of nearly 18 million Americans living with diabetes right now.

Individuals with diabetes face every day challenges. To remain healthy, they need to monitor their blood sugar levels, eat a balanced diet and exercise frequently. Some individuals also want to take insulin to stay alive.

In an effort to recognize champions of these challenges, Eli Lilly and Co. established the LillyforLife Achievement Award in 2002. The award celebrates the inspiring achievements of men and women of all ages who live with diabetes.

Those recognized do not have to be well recognized or famous for their achievements but can be everyday folks who have accomplished or are working toward exceptional personal success.

This year, Lilly has expanded the award program to consist of not only men and women with diabetes but also anybody impacted by the condition or involved with the diabetes community.

Categories of submission contain: patients age 18 or over; patients age 17 or under; experts; caretakers or spouses; and journalists.

1 individual from every category will be selected by a panel of judges to obtain this unique award. Applicants are eligible to apply for one category. Peer or self-nominations are accepted from the public by means of Aug. 30, 2004.

Last year, Rick Largent was honored with the 1st ever LillyforLife Achievement Award. Largent has been living with type 1, or insulin-dependent, diabetes for 25 years. He has faced extraordinary challenges in the course of his life beyond diabetes. An unfortunate accident left him quadriplegic, and he later lost his 19-year-old daughter to cancer.

Largent neglected to control his blood sugar, putting himself at risk for diabetes-related complications. It was not until he began making use of an insulin pump that he began taking control of his health once more.

Largent began traveling cross-country sharing his story and teaching other people that anything is feasible when diabetes is managed well. He also visited Capitol Hill in an effort to educate policymakers on the dual dilemma of diabetes and disabilities.

Largent’s resilience to conquer diabetes and quadriplegia represents the type of spirit the LillyforLife Achievement Award stands for. As several who live with diabetes know, if the illness is managed, there’s no reason you can’t accomplish your objectives.

With any luck , you now have discovered several beneficial tips from this brief article. When using the right techniques and tips to support you, managing diabetes does not have to be a stressful problem.

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